Crystalessence chub g

If you have had trouble locating your G-Spot - or even if you are well aquainted with your G-Spot - this tool of pleasure is a must have.

The Crystalessece Chubby G is a nice fat G-spot vibe with a beautifully curved head to help stimulate even the most elusive G-Spot. The base is flared with little nubbies to stimulate the innner lips and clitoris for added arousal.

The Chubby G is made of Crystalessence which is a Jelly-like material. Soft but firm and very bendable, so you can get just the right angle to find your inner sweet spot.

Did I mention that it vibrates? Did I mention that it’s waterproof?

Chubby G could become your best bathtime buddy! The Chubby G is very popular in the world of G-spot vibrators because it very affordable and very effective.

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